Yumme is a social media platform in the form of a mobile app where the user can search for any restaurant around the world to save and share with friends and followers. The user will be able to add pictures and notes on each restaurant they add to remember any aspect from that specific place.

One of the main features is a map where you can see your restaurants denoted with orange-colored pins and your friends’ restaurants denoted with guava-colored pins. Yumme will be an essential app for anyone who loves dining out.


It all started with a pocket notebook. Valery, Yumme’s founder, is an organized foodie by heart. While she was attending college in Boston, MA, USA she kept a small pocket notebook with all of her favorite restaurants around the world written on it, a page or two for each city. Her brother Daniel, Yumme’s developer, studied Computer Science in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

For the organized foodie, it all added up. An app idea that seemed a necessity for foodies with a brother that knew how to develop the app. The weekend of her graduation, all her family flew to Boston. On a short family road trip to Rockport, MA she spoke out the idea in the car. They all loved it! Since then, Valery has been working along her brother to create the best foodie app out there: Yumme.


Valery Conde - Founder

Valery was born in Venezuela and upon graduating high school moved to Boston, where she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Bentley University.
She would love to hear about your foodie experiences!
Contact her at:

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